Award-winning Poems

First Place: "Eloher" - Dayna Patterson.

Second Place: "O" - Emma Jay.

Third Place: "The Seven Songs of Creation" - Jim Papworth.

Honorable Mention: "Veil" - Calvin Olsen.

Honorable Mention: "I Dreamed I Wrote Five Poems" - Rachel Hunt Steenblik.

Honorable Mention: "First Vision" - Javen Tanner.

Selected Contest Poems

"Mothers in Heaven" - Markay Brown.

"Phoning Home" - Melissa Dalton-Bradford.

"Of Thy Womb" - Deja Earley.

"My Mother Is..." - Tina Lindsay.

"To Her" - Conner McKinnon.

"Yin" - Desiree Miller.

"The River You Always Knew" - Melody Newey.

"Word of God" - Melody Newey.

"Rejoinder" - Calvin Olsen.

"Heavenly Mother Eats Carbs" - Rebekah Orton.

"It's Possible I'm Projecting" - Rebekah Orton.

"The Woman Whose Husband Finds Heart-Shaped Stones" - Jim Papworth.

"Harvest Dance" - Dayna Patterson.

"Mother Has a Degree in Exterior Design" - Dayna Patterson.

"Whale Watching" - Dayna Patterson.

"Sightings: The Heavenly Mother in North Central Texas" - Elisa Eastwood Pulido.

"Windows" - Martin Pulido.

"Her" - Bob Rees.

"Octave" - Jim Richards.

"A Mother's Comfort" - Taylor Rouanzion.

"Flesh and Bone" - Tiffany Moss Singer.

"Breathe" - Rachel Hunt Steenblik.

"Missing Her" - Tara Timpson.

"Small Gifts" - Tara Timpson.