A Collection of Artwork

The A Mother Here website also hosts a collection of Mormon artwork that has Heavenly Mother as its theme, or at least significantly mentions Heavenly Mother in some way. While the contest only accepts poetry and visual arts entries, the collection contains other literary and musical genres for display. If there is a work that we have missed that you think we should include in our collection, please e-mail us with some details about the piece's author, publication history, and other useful details.


"A Song of Zion." Phelps, William W. February 1844.

"A Voice from the Prophet: Come to Me." Phelps, William W. 1844.

"My Father in Heaven." Snow, Eliza R. 1845.

Extract from "To Mrs. Lyon" (Trail diary version). Snow, Eliza R. 1847.

Extracts from "The King Jester's Soliloquy." Phelps, William W. 1853.

"Epistle--Inscribed to S. R." Lyon, John. 1853.

"Good and Evil Necessary." Mills, William Gill. 1854.

Extract from "The Origin and Destiny of Woman." Taylor, John. 1857.

Extracts from "The Ultimatum of Human Life." Snow, Eliza R. 1877.

Extracts from "The Secret of the How and Why." Spencer, Emily B. 1880.

"Once Our Father was like Us." Johnson, Joel H. 1882.

"I'll Come to thee Joseph." Johnson, Joel H. 1882.

"What is Life?" Whitney, Orson F. 1882.

"Our Mother in Heaven." Harrison, William C. 1892.

Extract from "A Thread of Thought." Richards, Lula L. Greene. 1892.

Extract from "A Welcome." Richards, Lula L. Greene. 1899.

"Rest and Progression." Richards, Lula L. Greene. 1903.

Extract from "Only One Mother." Cardon, Joseph E. 1914.

"Male and Female." Horne, Walter M. 1967.

"Song of Creation." Sillitoe, Linda. 1979.

"Another Prayer." Hawkins, Lisa Bolin. 1980.

"Let My Sisters Do for Me." Hawkins, Lisa Bolin. 1980.

"First Grief." Munk, Margaret Rampton. Circa 1980.

Extract from "Down on my Knees." Hafen, Susan. Circa 1980.

"To Mother in Heaven." Barrett, Kristine. 1981.

"We Meet Again as Sisters." Anderson, Paul L. Circa 1985.

"A Psalm." Wallace, Nola. 1990.

"Medusa's Prayer." Hanks, Maxine. 1990.

"A Motherless House." Pearson, Carol Lynn. 1992.

"Souviens-toi, Mon Enfant." French Linguistic Committee of the Church. 1993.

"I Lust After Strange Gods. Swenson, Paul. 1997.

"Missing God." Newey, Melody. 1998.

"Blessing." Pearson, Carol Lynn. 2005.

"The Family of Light." Pearson, Carol Lynn. 2005.

"I Talked of God." Familia, Sarah. Circa 2010.

"Invocation / Benediction." Brooks, Joanna. 2010.

"Where is Mother?" Park, Lindsay Hansen. 2011.

"Invocation." Snow, Edward R. 2012.

"A Hymn for Mother’s Day in Long Meter." Jepson, Theric. 2012.

"Heavenly Mother Sings." Newey, Melody. 2013.

"Proselytizing by a Marian Shrine in Quebec." Patterson, Dayna. 2013.


"Little S--." 1853.

"The Parable of the Ten Talents." Fox, Ruth May. 1906.

"Beyond the Portals." Jenkins, Laura Moench. 1916.

Extracts from Reflections of Eve and Her Daughters. Newman, Marsha. 1981.

Extracts from Kindred Spirits. Bigelow, Christopher Kimball. 2007.


"O My Father." Acoustic. Michael Dowdle.

"O My Father." Piano. Ginger Fairbanks.

"O My Father." Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Music to Harrison's "Our Mother in Heaven."


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